A fast and simple service for getting pictures of whatever you want to use as sensible placeholders in your design or code

Common usage format


Who is who?

Optional param representing image dimensions separated by "x" sign: 300x200.
Can be single number, what means that you want to receive squared image: 250
If only one dimension matters, second can be set as ~ and image will be resized based only on mentioned dimension ~x250, 300x~
Also there are aliases thumbnail and original to show an image of appropriate dimensions.
If omitted, original image dimensions are used.
Query string to search images you want.
You can use spaces, Cyrillic, Arabic, etc.: الومبت حيوان
Optional param representing image number in collection of found images.
Possible values: from 0 to 1000
If omitted, first image is used.
If is set to ~ random image is used.
Optional param pointing not to store your request to count stats
Should not be any value, but just present if necessary

Or use following mantra if you're exhausted

Show me image of sized by

Link examples

  • 4?nostat
  • 171?nostat
  • 848?nostat
  • Opossum?nostat
  • ~?nostat